MAGIC NIGHT has recently launched our latest event, ADULTS ONLY TRIVIA. An "adult themed" live game show for both girls & guys. We took an old favourite and made it fantastic for the 21st century.

  • For starters there's NO PENS OR PAPER. We use a computer controlled, electronic buzzer for every team to answer the questions with.

  • The faster a team correctly answers a question the more points they can win. On the other hand, if they answer incorrectly they'll lose points.

  • Bonus points & prizes will also be awarded to teams that successfully complete challenges or mini-games set by either of our hosts. 

  • Audience participation will be required & it could be you, onstage with our hosts, giving it all to fulfil a challenge or beat the other teams in one of our many mini-games. Win & the glory will be yours (prizes too!), lose a mini-game & it’s better luck next time.

  • Due to the "adult themed" questions this event is an 18 years and over show. 

  • It’s not just questions & answers and hilarious games that we do incredibly well. We are able to offer venues additional live entertainment options with stand up comedians for the breaks plus live music acts, DJ’s and even karaoke for when the game has been won but it’s way too early to go home. We keep the party going until we’re told to stop.

  • Venues that book ADULT S ONLY TRIVIA will be given options for additional entertainment so they may choose the after-party entertainment to match their venue.

  • "Adult Themed" questions does not mean "Porn Themed" questions. Our questions will test your knowledge in all with ‘adult themed’ areas of life from movies, music, politics, sex, lifestyle, film, bizarre facts and more. While you might see a face or two that you'll recognise from your online search history it won't take up the whole night.

If you're a venue operator who would like some more information on booking ADULTS ONLY TRIVIA, please send an email or give us a call. 


For further details please click on the CONTACT page.